Blindly follow

A piece of fun after Terijo’s one liner prompt: FOLLOW

Jungle madness, jungle insanity
All too easy to fall for the vanity
Run from reality, fall for the dream
Lose yourself, carried along by the stream

Believe what they say, believe the lie
Never question, never deny
Avoid the pull of reality and truth
Ditch your rights at the voting booth

Weather changes, try to run for cover
Wonder why you never heard the thunder
World is changing, but you missed it all
Running from reality, ignoring the call

Is this to be the world where we wallow?
Is this the jungle tune we follow?
Is it worth your children’s future
To follow along in total stupor?

Follow me into the jungle
Pick a side in the coming rumble
Will you pick the easy way
Or will you help put them away?

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