Change of Plan

A New Direction for Stories of Resistance

Did you respond to the DaCunha Special Editions call for submissions of Stories of Resistance announced in Resistance Poetry in the below piece?

If so, and your story was among those selected for publication, you probably got the same email I received today, the one informing me:

“We, at daCunha, have made the decision not to publish a book on Resistance for various reasons unrelated to your submission.”

What you might not have noticed was today’s piece on Medium by daCunha’s co-founder and producer Todd Hannula 🤓.

I encourage you to read it AND the response by alto, co-founder/co-editor of The Resistance Project, for a better understanding of the situation.

If you have been left feeling let down and/or upset by daCunha’s withdrawal of their stated plan to publish a book after you poured your heart, time, skill and trust into creating a submission for the project, I want to apologize for my part in encouraging you to do something that didn’t come to fruition. All I can say is I am in daCunha’s circular file of never-mind with you.

The good news is the dismissed editorial team (alto, Clay Rivers, Gloria DiFulvio, and Hana Leshner) is committed to carrying the project forward in some yet-to-be-determined form. Writers will have to decide for themselves if they want to continue under a new flag. I trust the team’s intentions, and I will be allowing my work to be part of whatever format they determine is possible.

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