Everywhere you go,
You see chaos.
Everybody is shouting.
There is no peace.
You run and
Hear dogs barking
Followed with footsteps.

It’s maddening.
Where does everybody go?
Sirens everywhere,
Chaos, oh chaos,
When will this madness stop?
I hear a bomb exploding.

Bodies mangled, blood scattered
Buildings destroyed
What happened to peace
What happened to love?
What would happen to us?

All of a sudden,
I wake up panting
And realize
It’s only a dream.
I heave a sigh of relief,
“Phew,” and pinch myself,
If this reality is not a dream.

Then I furrow my brow
And think aloud,
What if CHAOS broke in?
We are all vulnerable.
Civil unrest is imminent.
Take a look and ponder
What would happen next….

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