Did You Hear the 2019 Emissions Gap Report?

Pollute the oceans, pollute the planet, Christyl Rivers

The Emissions Gap Report uses data that describes
Coastal hurricanes and loved ones’ deaths are on the rise
They have shown that no significant effort has been made
To slow fossil fuel production, (since your politicos are paid)

The Emissions Gap Report pinpoints a distant day in 2035
When your roof is blown, your food is gone. Maybe you’re alive.
While, now, a 3.2-degree Celsius rise is predicted,
But here, you crave that SUV, and so remain conflicted.

Pollinators make your food –you know — the birds and bees?
They’re falling, both great and small, like torched forests of trees.
In India Holy rivers clog with sewage and plasticware,
Original basis for all life, oceans now swell with despair.

Heatwaves kill the very young, and also the very old,
Floods and fire kill anyone, some will freeze from cold.
Just like high water marks in Venice, and fevers from disease,
Rising nationalism spikes anxiety and unease.

Poverty, and famine kill, death trickles down from “better” nations
But when polluters too, taste blight and bite, they wail protestations
Nature herself is tired, objectified, Science offered cool reprieve
But like a #Metoo Epstein Victim, She knows: no one will believe

Alas! This won’t be enough to frighten you, not the way that it needs to
Dazzled beneath a sky of blanketing lies, what fake news is deceitful?

It’s easy to blame China, or immigrants. Anyone who isn’t you.
It’s harder to pour into the streets to do what we all must do.

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

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