Resistance Poetry
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Resistance Poetry

Flying Domestic

Conversations with the TSA

What TSA agents look like when you’re in a wheelchair.

Spread ’em, they say.
Even in wheelchair
brown sounds alarm.

Our private room
no cameras here
no one sees you.

Dress off my head
panties down my legs
I do myself.

Loudly recite
stats on sex abuse.
Shaken they listen.

White men giving
black women power
over sistahs.

Fight my sister
do not be a slave
who cries for you?

Surrounding me
three women crying.
Naked I stand.

Never again
be afraid of girls
from TSA.



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Jk Mansi

Jk Mansi

To know where you're going find out where you've been. I strive to be joyful. I read. I write. I’m grateful.