For Presidents

Let a man live an honest life.
Give him a roof, some food,
and protection from the cold.
Stop the greedy from being 
too greedy. Stop the poor from 
being too poor. Iceberg basements 
only topple the Titanic. Free 
children are more important than
free markets. Remember there is
sweat on every wad of cash. Taxes
equal toil. Spend them wisely.
Stare at the night sky. Hike in the
forest. Smell the plastic. Smell the
coal. Do more than wrinkling 
your nose. Think farther 
than the next quarter.
Not everyone is riding the
stock market. 
Worry and read. 
Listen and lead.
More than anything else. Inspire.
Leave your limousines at 
the door. Sit shotgun.
Ban shotguns.
Do not worry about 

Poet’s note: My apologies to all the nice people who “engaged” with this poem when it was behind the paywall. I always meant for it to rest in Resistance Poetry as its permanent home and if I don’t give it another life in a new draft (sadly losing your claps, comments and highlights), Medium’s algorithms will consider it “old news” and bury it in a curated grave. Someone should teach the robots that poetry lives forever.