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Sweet genocide, thy taste is fresh,

Crisping flesh, leave only the best,

Trenches filled, millions killed,

Genes cleansed, sink now, bends,

Drowning in hate, almost too late,

Pure now, one race, who to debase,

The sordid, the soiled, brats, spoiled,

The rich, the poor, drunkards & bores,

The tall, the short, chortlers who snort,

The ins, the outs, bald men, too stout,

The smart, the tart, those that fart,

Soon I see, could it be, just myself & me,

Down I look, back I’m took, must be mistook,

Twisted toe, defect I know, to guillotine I go,

Rope to lever, gee so clever, wind whispers, Heather,

Genocide, taste so sweet, just one left, now complete.