photo: Peter Kun Frary


by Violet

There are heroes in our midst 
Unbeknownst to themselves 
Quietly going about their daily lives 
Never knowing when their time has come 
To stand up, to speak out 
Against the hate 
That has permeated our great land 
They see the vulnerable 
They see the young 
They see the hate 
That comes from one 
One man, filled with angst 
Spews forth words of hate 
Towards those who are not like him 
The heroes rise 
To intervene 
Only to receive 
The dagger of death 
One man, one life 
Takes the life of two 
Two heroes, this was their stance 
To protect those 
The vulnerable, the innocent 
Let not their deaths 
Be in vain 
Let not one man’s hate 
Forever reign…

Published for Violet, who was having technical difficulties.