Vietnam War Memorial_Washington D.C., U.S.A._curtesy of Commons

High Command is such a catchy feverish thing, the hair at the back of the neck scared straight then leaning I closed the door to the unmagical feeling no longer did I reel in its spell.

Those fantastic men seethed commitment in steel deep ships in on the shore in under triple canopy in jungles in gore, in the memory of blood war.

I asked the sergeant “hey buddy got a light?” We laughed until we said it again, I stood with paan nominated hands the offer still stands those raider’s weakness measured against plans to haul away the dead. Defenseless power the brass sought for me out of my mind insanity no more bullet clothes could take to see I could use a fucking break.

The final evacuation of Khe Sanh base complex, July 1st 1968.png_courtesy of Commons Wikimedia

They descended to take us to the roar of the blades, the roar of the crowd villages ploughed down under, screams against everything for nothing, a toe an arm a head, left in the wash instead. Cover them up cover them up the blindness is diseased, crush them deep so the lime will seep the Stars and Stripes appeased.

Sepia spoke in involuntary dreams creaky bones do what you don’t, they fail at the seams. Land of pitons Buddha’s reach the Bowery, The Combat Zone, The Tenderloin, Chicago’s South Side, Third Ward Houston, Miami’s Liberty City South LA “move over sergeant that’s my blanket, you got your own anyway” We move we take in forgotten real estate.

I stole enlightened breathe for you off the El-tee’s pack tied them around your throat, now I owe you a hangman’s garrote thanks a-lot for the flashback. He laughed above my head nervous lifting shifting un-stead.

They wanted us to freeze they wanted us to melt, what they wanted was not us. We had been misdealt.