Dhawal Raturi
Dec 9, 2019 · 2 min read

For the past decade or so, I’ve been living away from home,
Being groomed, trained and educated; I have been luckier than most.
But in the past decade or so, I saw times unfold
Adversities I could never have prevailed, had I been fighting alone.
Though the past decade skulked as quietly as the cold breeze flows,
It has taught me the significance of family and home.
And like every other time, as I walk the familiar walkway,
A couple of bags on my shoulders, utterly exhausted and dismayed,
Dejected and repressed, wishing to be somehow salvaged,
I realise how pivotal a role in my life, my home plays.

To home!

I am not craving any more Friday nights; I just want to stay home.
I am not looking for any last-minute trips this time, I just want to be home.
As long as I am still alive and seeking a respite, it’ll always be home,
Nothing is better than the mountain sunshine, no place better than my home.

What was new once will turn old in some time,
Things that provide warmth will turn cold in some time,
Ripe will stale and the shiniest shine will fade,
By indifference, my gratitude will be replaced. As always, I will have pushed everyone away, But my home will stay mine, my home will stay.
It will take me some time to see that I have gone astray,
That of my life, I’ve lost all sway,
And in every six months, like now, I tend to find myself here.

Looking forward to eating some home-cooked food,
Taking some extended country rides, Sleeping in my bed till the sun is upon my face,
And walking around in the shadows of tall green pines.
The clean water in the river washes-off my scars,
The fresh air rejuvenates my lungs,
The greenery brings back my sanity,
And in time, I’m ready to take on the world.

I age, I grow, I fall, time flows,
But my home never treads on me,
It picks me up and dresses my wounds,
And in the dark times becomes my afternoon.

Home is the best gift bestowed on me,
It’s a fortune I’ll savour till eternity.
I hope you have a home like me,
If not, I hope you find or make one, you’ll see, It will bring you back from where darkness feeds,
And be by your side every time you need.

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

Dhawal Raturi

Written by

Junior-year college student. Amateur writer and musician.

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

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