i took radical steps this last year

I decided to believe every single me too 
because even if there were a few faked accusations 
(less than 2%) 
that means 98% were never believed the first time
I’m ashamed to say I used to ask 
what were the circumstances and how did this happen 
was it really that bad 
I had some terrible sex too

a third of rapes are reported 
and of those reported only 6
out of a thousand rapists go to jail 
because they show promise 
swim well, and have bright futures 
while 940 of the raped 
shake and cry every night for weeks and weeks.

Belief should not be a radical political action.

I believe you.

We teach our girls to walk with a fistful of keys 
to not wear short skirts 
to go together wherever they go 
and then ask what part of it they got wrong 
for this to happen to them 
where did they screw up 
maybe not enough keys on the ring 
wrong number of inches on the skirt 
maybe it was just bad sex 
you know that happens 
and those of us who are years past 
the bad boyfriend the creepy date 
do not want to believe that it was 
just luck and not our keys that have protected us since.

I am so sorry this happened. 
I believe you.