I want to write a Manifesto to Save the World

I want to broadcast a message into every phone
every laptop,
every Roku, every Xbox,
every TV screen

*we interrupt your daily scheduled bullshit to bring you this important message: the end is not nigh — it is here.*

the end of this shitty downward spiral of power
amassing more power like fucking

I come to you at the turn of the tide with a message,
brothers and sisters:
we have everything we need
we have all along
in each of us lies the answer
in our lover, in our neighbor
in our mothers (whether born or acquired)
in the gesture of a friend, in our teachers
in the grace of an offense forgiven
in the freedom to live without fear

we have been slaves of fear too long, my fellow
and our oppressors use this fear against us,
a wedge to keep us weak, 
and make fools of us while we fight amongst ourselves

all we need to be free
is everything we already have
in our hearts, and our minds -

we simply need to blow the doors and windows out
and let in some godsdamned fresh air.

if our oppressors disappeared tomorrow — 
if our cable boxes all fizzled out,
if the prisons and asylums and offices all crumbled,
if landlords and creditors vanished,
if development halted, and parking lots plowed up to make room for crops with chickens and goats and mysterious mushrooms
if our clothes and tools came from the rivers and woods

would we be so forlorn?
would we fall into such chaos and violence
as to match that which we have faced at the hands of
The Powers That Be?

would we be incapable of crafting our own sensible law,
and enforcing justice with mercy
among our own neighbors?

would we be helpless to innovate, and manufacture, and assemble
the tools to make our daily lives easy
in both mind and body -

without a power hungry bureaucrat to tell us what to do?

would we be incapable of creating our own health, with full access
to the plant wisdom of our ancestors and the medical knowledge of surgeons — 
to the ability to sync our bodies to the rhythm of the moon and seasons

will our minds be sick and our hearts stunted
when we replace Abilify and the pharmaceutical hoarde
with the teas and tinctures we make from our own back yards?


we are strong!
we have faced the tribulations of a thousand generations!
we have networked and flourished and subverted with far less
than we have at our disposal now — 
we have prepared for this all our ancestors’ lives:

now it is time to take back ours

all we have to do is stop playing the game.

stop buying.

stop voting for politicians and parties. vote instead for love. vote for justice, unadulterated. vote for your friend, your mother, your neighbor. vote for yourself. elect yourself. lead a rebellion. fix your city’s water pipes, house your community’s homeless, protect your neighboring fields and lakes and crops and streams, then join with your nearest city’s own rebellion to claim back your state — together.

first, California and Oregon and Washington join hands,
then Colorado reaches out to Montana, then the Dakotas
Michigan reaches her strong, calloused hands to her midwestern neighbors while the eastern seaboard lights up, from Miami to New Hampshire

we reach out to our southern and breadbasket neighbors,
burn out their fear with the fierceness of our love,
our solidarity, our contrition and our forgiveness,
then the entire country erupts 
in the flames of rebellion, sending embers around
the world

we will not fear your laws and systems of oppression
we will not surrender our lands, our homes, the autonomy of our minds and bodies
we will not die as your slaves

we were born free,
as is every living creature,
and by the gods of heaven, earth, and the dimensions beyond,
we will be free now.