James Comey Standing in for Any One of Us

Dianne, I’ll direct this to you.
Yes, because you’re a woman.

What kind of ‘ism is it
that says your reaction without adrenaline
has to have been mine with?
That your reaction here 
would have been yours there?

This time it’s a man
out there for all to see,
who didn’t respond to the one with power
in the way you think the stunned should.

What if this situation was different
and his boss had ‘hoped’ for something 
more personal, more intimate,
as too many do? What if he’d
whispered, “I really look forward to working with you”
into his ear, in front of people,
knowing it couldn’t be repeated and make sense
in the way it was really meant?

Why do we reward bullies 
for being sly with their aims? 
For sounding benign to those who weren’t there?
For making us listen to you say what and how 
we should have done?

Even ignorant bullies learn 
not to leave the kind of trail
judges and juries can see
if they don’t overcome their attraction 
to whatever ‘ism this is.

This situation wasn’t like the ones it brought to my mind.
Oh, Dianne, I’m so glad this wasn’t that.

Photo by tpsdave