Kushner and the Trump Dump

Courtesy of youtube.com

There once was a Kushner from Jersey
Who thought he wasn’t quite worthy
He married a Trump
A socialite bump
Now Russian ties may lead to perjury

We’re talking ‘bout Jared of Dimples
Whose looks have given goose pimples
Who’d thought the sweet he
After marrying she
Would get a bad case of the simples

But for hype, Jared’s totally brainless
In business, he’s almost gone gainless
Caught in Russian intrigue
Cross examine fatigue
Will make prior losses seem painless

A Russian back channel promoted
“Why?” you say. Syria floated
‘Cept a banker involved
His story devolved
No more worries ‘bout being deep-throated

So sad because Jared was trying
To stop FBI from it’s prying
Ass-in-law to protect
Now his own ass is wrecked
Me thinks, “take the fifth”, he’ll be crying