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Resistance Poetry

Life For Death

A Poem

Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

Oh life, where is your sacred
You once stood hallowed
Treasured gift and precious
Now so easily ruptured
By the rigid arms of revenge
Pseudo named justice
Proclaimed in a sentence
An eye for an eye
One life, another

Humanity, where lies compassion
Point me your conscience
That I may know it still breathes pardon
Of what use the retribution
Can’t we just have incarcerations
Of what gain the rigidity
The equal display of cruelty
I refer to the death penalty
Watching life sapped from humanity
Breath slowly fades at hangman’s bidding
He stands by never minding
Watching still
Until soul reaches home
Leaving behind it lifeless bones
Oh life, restore your sacred
An eye for an eye, the world goes blind




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Johannes Mudi

Johannes Mudi

BA.Ed (History); LLB (Common Law). I started writing and fell in love and now I can't stop. Writer - Poet

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