May You My Beloved Medium-ers…

may the better angels of Paradise fly up your nose

Universal Playground… cr lombardi

may you be ever-showered with the warm glow of peoples’ love and admiration for you and your works

may the confines of your consumer habits be narrowed into significance meaning affordability

may your indebtedness be diminished by your humanity

may you be overtaken by the knowledge that where you spend your dollars is more efficacious than your vote

may your children be color-blind to the shortcomings of human frailty

may your progeny become aware/concerned for their ecology/cool enough to cool their warming environment/too cool for school

may you with accuracy intelligence conscience and a philosophy of the precious nature of life apply the qualities of charity patience and understanding to your existence

may you finally get what you deserve/be spared what you do not

may you be reasonable–reasonably happy/reasonably healthy/reasonably successful/reasonably wealthy/reasonably disregarded/reasonably adhered/reasonably afraid of/reasonably feared/reasonably befuddled/reasonably cleared/reasonably booed/reasonably cheered/reasonably blessed/reasonably a mess/reasonably pushy/reasonably shoved/reasonably hated/reasonably loved

Gobbless One and All through the season/through their reason/through their treason/through my teasin’

© Craig Rory Lombardi 2019

Craig Rory Lombardi was born and raised in New York City. A beatnik, a hippie, he spent half his life in California (San Francisco, West Hollywood); eight years near Taos, NM. A musician, oil painter, writer, and quarter-horse associate, Craig is an advocate for everything sixties; proper rights to proper people. Hedonist; Libertarian; Feminist.

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

craig rory lombardi, bronx born

Written by

NYC incarnate. Snake hips chicken lips and other flights of fanciful whimsy. Musician, Renaissance Mo-Fo, Beatnik, Philosopher, Feminist. Purist of the impure!

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

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