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Mercy, me: Who screwed up the GOP? DJT’s no Abe or Ronnie — He’s a Dick!

Sung to the tune of Marvin Gaye’s Mercy, Mercy Me

© Nancy Ohanian — Used With Permission

For the best experience, sing the new lyrics to Marvin’s classic.

Whoa …
Ah ..Mercy, mercy me
Oh .. Who screwed up the G-O-P, no no
Where did all the good guys go?
Principles were faked for show
Is it all that Russian dough

Oh .. Mercy, mercy me
Oh .. Barr is now Boss Trump’s A-G, no no
Oversight obstruction he 
Tries to keep Trump free
Like Nixon’s burglary

Ah …
Oh .. Mercy, mercy me
Ah .. What’s with Sarah Huckabee, no no
Robert Mueller said her lies just didn’t fly
On Fox News she tried but lied about her lying

Oh .. Mercy, mercy me
Ah .. Trump’s as guilty as can be
What’s New York and S-D-N-Y planned
How much more abuse from Trump can we stand

(Take us home, Marvin)

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