Piece of My Mind

Donald Trump in postion for his proctology exam. (Courtesy Politco.com)

I’d like to give Trump 
A piece of my mind
Not my thoughts of him
Which wouldn’t be kind
But a piece of brain matter
Influence his thinker
It’s clear most his thoughts
Come out of his stinker

A piece of left brain
For computing crowd size
And a second for measuring
The length of his ties
A piece of right brain
I’ll withhold — not required
‘cause more creative frauds
Won’t yield a Trump admired

He said, “Don’t send a piece.
I’m plenty smart enough.”
No proof has been found
Another Donald bluff?
Perhaps the White House changes
Include brain reconstruction
Maybe bloods not flowing there 
I’m thinking an obstruction

++ Inspired by Anita’s prompt Piece, Kathy Jacobs leadership, and Donald Trumps’ ineptitude! ++

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