Piety, British pre 1626

piety… an afterthought (triad)

oftentimes I think I see
how pleasant a life it might be
to return to the inner peasant in me
I wonder if that is when we were free

simplicity honor friendship
a time of neighborly kinship
you help me I do for you
an idealism that once was true

but then of course I realize
those are but stars caught in mine eyes
luminous and iridescent
radiant and phosphorescent

no longer here though overdue
values once red white and blue
hence a culture overthrown
righteous pious and overblown


Who’s Minding the Store???

taking us back to a time out of mind
like the twenties thirties forties fifties
especially days of the prophetic sixties
commonalities twixt then and now are seemingly unkind

industrial times of automation hither and thither and that
of protracted stabbings and meaningless grabbings
mindless men now sit idly by until they die
eating tweeting and getting fat

actions behaviors one might deplore
at the cost of an entire nation’s mental health
gives one pause wondering what’s the cause
and who is actually minding the store

wanderings out to the universe and back
teases the senses while pleading
justice on earth for whatever it’s worth
one begs trying to get us on the right track


monsters from the id

holding hands alone in the dark
one might imagine one’s chances
are more complex than a walk in the park
accompanied by sidelong glances

civilization is often confusing
its relevance can be lost in the mix
empathy compassion conscience defusing
all of the usual parlor tricks

what can be found in the depths of our soul
based on whatever we did
down at the bottom of a bottomless hole
the monsters coming out of the id

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

craig rory lombardi, bronx born

Written by

NYC incarnate. Snake hips chicken lips and other flights of fanciful whimsy. Musician, Renaissance Mo-Fo, Beatnik, Philosopher, Feminist. Purist of the impure!

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

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