poured (poem)

Wikimedia CC0

Pour yourself like water 
my mothers said to me 
wear them away because 
water goes around and through 
and need not break the center 
and after all this time 
mother, grandmother 
the cup is dry

we are taught the ways 
to pour like water 
to keep on flowing 
but haven’t you heard 
about climate change
the groundwater is depleted 
the aquifer is suffering 
from lack of snowpack 
there is no season of rest.

If you wonder sometimes 
why we no longer pour like water
instead burn 
like an unmanaged forest 
watch all the scrub brush 
that hasn’t been taken out for years 
flash paper and then 
the fire blooms come afterward 
think how little care has been taken.

I cannot pour myself like water anymore. 
The cup is cracked and tipped on the floor. 
It only takes one thrown cigarette. 
Even one you accidentally dropped.

Wikimedia, CC0