Protest : A Haiku

Reuben Salsa
Nov 18, 2019 · 2 min read
Photo by Rochelle Brown on Unsplash

One man stands alone
Injustice has caused him harm
He’ll stand till he dies

I watched today as three people showed up to protest outside our office. Perspective from their camp has labelled our corporation as evil. The bad guys. The one’s preventing human rights. The nasty corporation with blood on its hands.

Inside, we continued our day to day. We’re ordinary people. We have the same dreams and hopes as the protesters. We want harmony. We wish to harm nobody.

It got me to thinking, is it still a protest if only one person shows up? Is it still a protest if that one person is deluded? If that one person has their facts wrong?

If that one person still feels justified and strong in their opinion then it MUST be a protest, right?

We can all recall the imagery of monks burning themselves alive to bring attention to their cause.

Here in New Zealand we had a protester, a single person, sling a dildo at a politician. It hit him squarely on the nose. Nobody can recall what she was protesting, just the action.

Or the boy who smashed eggs on an Australian politician who responded by punching the boy in the face. What was he protesting? The action is all we can remember.

Is it enough then to simply turn up and protest? Will one person waving a placard make a difference? Maybe they need to set the placard on fire. If you truly felt for the cause, you would risk everything to make a difference wouldn’t you? How committed are you?

Making a stand until the day you die. A hunger strike. Dying for your cause. That’s commitment.

Forrest Gump kept on running. He never stopped.

I have no sympathy or respect for part-time activists. Jumping on a cause. Not fully committing. Is it enough to show up for one day?

What do you think?

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

Reuben Salsa

Written by

Salsa is a fever dream. A whisper carried over the mountains. He’s an illusion. An idea that sways the masses. He’s spoiling for a fight. Don’t look too close.

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

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