Red, Red Trees And Be Besties

Red, red whine
From red, red ties

Read as Code Red,
What else could it symbolize?

Ties to red KGB
Ties to red tides of seas

Red hot planet, red hot, blood
Red Martian man, orange spud

Red hat MAGA-mania
Red bull of megalomania

Red light district abuse
Red Queen offers an excuse

Red, red trees, from The Shining
All red meat the base is finding

Red cross, red line, and red, red cones
Red as blood in Game of Thrones

99 red balloons speak threat
99% are in (the) red, red debt

“Blessed be the ripe, red fruits”
“May the Dark Lord open” in cahoots

“I really don’t care, do U?”
Red mask of red death, what can we do?