Resistance Poetry 2019.11

I Got Nothing

Dec 1 · 6 min read

I have nothing to say. Nothing.

Maybe that’s a relief. You can just get on with reading all the poetry you may have missed this past month.

Enjoy. Well, maybe that’s not the right word for a lot of these works …


Isaac Winters

Dhawal Raturi

Catherine Caruso


Zarina Dara 🥀💃🏻

Michael Stang

Barbara Ford

Larenz Brown

Olivia Kim

Jef Littlejohn

Sylvia Wohlfarth

Mike Essig

Efe Nakpodia

David Ladd

Golda Fukesman

Joe Váradi

Steve B Howard

Anitha Sankaran

Adam Millett

Pearce Wintderhand

Ashwini Dodani

Aaska Aejaz

Matthew B.

C.S. Mathews

Chelsea Marie

Emma Briggs

Francine Fallara

Glen Hendrix

Iulia Halatz

Christyl Rivers, Phd.

Anna Rozwadowska

Sushree Soumya Mishra

Will Schmit

antoinette nevitt

Kathy Jacobs

Dweebs and Dogs

Anna Sharudenko

Dermott Hayes

Matthew Broyles

Max Smith

Reuben Salsa

Jonathan Greene

Harper Thorpe

Alan Asnen

craig rory lombardi, bronx born

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary


Written by


Writing, because talk is cheap

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

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