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Resistance Poetry 2019.12

Apocalypse Now: Does a Nuclear Winter cancel Global Warming?

Jan 4 · 6 min read

Australia burning. Jakarta flooding. Delhi freezing. Iceland melting. Sabers rattling. I hear the horsemen. You do, too.

Perhaps George Carlin said it best back in 1992…there is nothing wrong with the planet… the people are fucked! … The planet has been through a lot worse than us… The planet isn’t going anywhere… we are! … The planet will be here, we’ll be long gone; just another failed mutation; just another closed-end biological mistake; an evolutionary cul-de-sac. ….The planet will be here for a long, long, LONG time after we’re gone and it will heal itself, it will cleanse itself cause that’s what it does.

It’s not about saving the planet or bees or polar bears. It’s about saving ourselves. How do people not get that? Do they think they have somewhere else to go?

And now we have to worry about WWIII? Think I’m an alarmist? I hope you’re right.

I’m convinced the end of life on Earth is what some people want, though they might not admit it. How many times have end-time predictions turned out to be duds? The suspense is killing them. Let’s get it over with! Apocalypse now! It’s the strange human will to suicide, like drinking yourself to death and taking your family down with you.

The destruction. The helplessness. The inaction. It was much on poets’ minds at the close of 2019. But so was hope.

Kirsten Louise Webb reminds us that we have to envision what we want and make it so.

Works on Climate Change:

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craig rory lombardi, bronx born


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craig rory lombardi, bronx born


Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary


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Writing, because talk is cheap

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

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