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Resistance Poetry 2020.06


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9 min readJul 2, 2020


“Don’t be sorry. Just be more careful.”

That’s what a friend’s nana used to say, admonishing us kids after we pled “sorry” for some misdeed.

Those wise words stuck to me, small though I was. They were forward looking, aimed at improvement. What was broken was forever broken. No amount of sorry was bringing it back. The important thing was never do it again.

At the same time her words forgave us, freed us of guilt and taught us to be more responsible, I understood we would not have received them had we not been sorry, if we had not accepted responsibility for our actions.

How can you forgive someone who refuses to admit there is anything to forgive?

And that’s where we are, aren’t we?

So, enough of me. I’d like to offer you a prose piece by Max Smith which I feel is a perfect opening to this month’s theme of racial relations.

Taiwo Adesina (new poet)

Scott Overdyke (new poet)

Elizabeth Wilks (new poet)

Salma Amrou (new poet)

K.M. Zimmerman (new Poet)

Larenz Brown

Jesse Wilson

Efe Nakpodia

Jack Burt

Mitul Bhat

Jeffrey Field

Michael Stalcup

Francine Fallara

Jennifer D. Carlston

Muthita Kanwerayothin

Kathy Jacobs

Patsy Starke

Kelli Nowers

Moshe Forman

Lisa Patrell

Violet DeTorres

Jane Vogel

Emma Briggs

Sydney Duke Richey

Carmen Fong

Linda A Robinson, PhD

maurice blocker

James G Brennan (new poet)

Uday Jhunjhunwala

Jonathan Greene

Matthew B.

Harper Thorpe

Christyl Rivers, Phd.

Rob Cullen

Ryan J. Petteway

Max Smith

Will Schmit

Noah Levy (new poet)


K.M. Zimmerman (see above)

Taiwo Adesina (see above)

Scott Overdyke (see above)

Elizabeth Wilks (see above)

Noah Levy

Jared Wolf

Juan Ramirez

JM Singer

James G Brennan

Samuel Cracia


Harmony Birch

Hank Edson

Frank Ernest

Keta Nachi

Indira Reddy

Golda Fukesman

Michal White

Muthita Kanwerayothin

Mark Juhan

Aaska Aejaz

Kathy Jacobs

Jean Carfantan

Steven Rouach

Emma Briggs

Linda A Robinson, PhD

Robin Harwick, Ph.D.

Jennifer D. Carlston

antoinette nevitt

Virginia Roces

Carmen Fong

Keith Woods

Edis Rune

Harper Thorpe

Christyl Rivers, Phd.

Swathi Raj

Jane Woodman

Lisa Patrell

Patsy Starke

Saif Ullah

craig rory lombardi, bronx born

Rob Cullen