Resistance Poetry 2020.07

Be Kind

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6 min readAug 3, 2020


My husband asked me, “Do you think you can tell who someone will vote for just by looking at them?”

I thought about it, about how people dress, their carriage, whether they wear a mask, my central casting versions of Rockefellers, Rednecks and Resisters. I decided I couldn’t.

“But, you know what?” I said. “I judge how people will vote by how they behave. If people are rude, I assume they are Trump voters. Not caring about other people is the definition of rudeness. And that’s the definition of a Trump voter in a nutshell.”

Be kind. Be safe. And enjoy this month’s poetry collection.


L.M. Johnston

Madeleine Anne Bognar

Eric Ozarowski

David Spero Rn

Judy Millar

Bogdan Tiganov

Alexandra I.

Brandy Gonzalez

Aikya Param

R.L. Pinsonneault

Mitchell S. W. Lim

Arundhati Vijay Shinde

M.C. Commander

Jack Anderson



Brooke Raines

Mallory J. Dominic

Caroline Mellor



Simran Kankas

Roger Blonder

Racheli Miller, Ph.D.

Paul Mullinger


Eloise Davenport

Jesse Wilson

Samantha Lazar

Carmen Fong, MD

Rhonda Marrone

Jane Vogel

Adam Millett

Harper Thorpe

Muthita Kanwerayothin

Jonathan Greene

Virginia Roces

Anangsha Alammyan

Ryan J. Petteway


Pablo Pereyra

Jean Carfantan

Alex Kilcannon

Emma Briggs

Sushree Soumya Mishra


Muthita Kanwerayothin

Kate Hallinan

Robin Harwick, Ph.D.

Rob Cullen

Will Schmit

Christyl Rivers, Phd.

Larenz Brown

Sylvia Wohlfarth

Sherrye Richardson

Edis Rune

Jack Burt

Swathi Raj

Christine Macdonald

Saif Ullah

Matthew Broyles

Jane Woodman

Samuel Cracia

craig rory lombardi, bronx born

James G Brennan