Russian Babies and The Man Behind The Curtain

Just Another Do-Gooder Doing Good or How to Hunt When You Don’t Have a Brain or a Heart

Junior, Jared — 
Mr. Ivanka,
Man in a Fort, 
Natalia de Kremlin and 
The Stone of Gold — 
The Moscow to Manhattan
Travel agent of the stars — 
And who knows how many others — 
For a tête-à-tête at 
725 5th,
Golden Towers,
To discuss . . .

Russian baby adoptions — 
A hot topic in the 
Sizzling summer of 2016.

Nothing else, really, 
Believe me, he says, 
Would I lie?
My father knew nothing,
One floor below,
The Man of the Tower,
The Man of the Hour
Knew nothing,
The Man of the House
Once golden, now White,
Knows nothing of 
A simple meeting 
About babies
And mothers
And other good things.

No campaign deception,
No email hacking,
No collusion, no illusion, 
No illicit mingling,
No diddling, no fiddling,
No conspiring, no conniving, 
Nothing to see here 
But us do-gooders
Doing good 
As do-gooders do.

Listen to me, 
Listen to me!

But, Mueller says,
How can you talk
If you haven’t got a brain?

I don’t know, says Junior,
But some people without brains
Do an awful lot of talking, don’t they?

Not me, of course!
Not my dad!
Not the Donald!
He has a brain 
Or is it a heart? 
No, definitely not a heart.

But, he wasn’t there,
He didn’t talk, 
He didn’t listen
He didn’t know,
One golden floor below.

Look away, look away, 
Pay no attention to that 
Man behind the curtain!

Nothing to see here — 
Move on, move on,
Clear the streets,
Clear the hearings,
Clear the courts,
Nothing to see,
Nothing to hear,
Just Trumpettes 
And a Moscow mouthpiece — 
Benevolent buddies 
Having compassionate conversations
About babies 
And mothers 
And other good things.

Look away, look away, 
Pay no attention to that 
Man behind the curtain!