Inspired by the swimsuit controversy in Alaska

Ré Harris
Sep 18 · 2 min read

A stretchy garment is never my size
before I wrestle the dang thing on.
Spandex never behaves like water,
seeking some vast expansive shape.
Its purpose in life is to
and then shrink its dang self back.

Spandex edges close in on the crevice
when my buttocks move,
and creeps when a top’s cut too low,
and you know, I’d feel I was doing
a service here if spandex wasn’t such a
dang common thing.

A garment with nothing to shape
looks different on bodies like mine
that need support in public
mostly to keep other people’s eyes
from lying about who I am.
that I should be ashamed,
even if I’m an athlete
following the rules.

Problem is, a style that works
on thin sisters with less to hold back,
makes your eyes bug out
if it’s worn by me. So I don’t.
But that’s my choice. If you cared
about young swim team swimmers,
you’d focus on the need for uniforms
that fit well in every size. Not on
shaming the ones making do with
oblivious, thin-centering mistakes.

And even after this, I’m sure
some dang evil someone will suggest
that I’m the odd one,
even though I’m one of millions
who’ve seen Olympic swimmers
pulling spandex out of the cracks
of their teeny little asses
and readjusting it
once they’re out of the water.
But then logic never got in the way
of a manufactured controversy like this.

Copyright 2019 Ré Harris. All rights reserved.

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

Ré Harris

Written by

Muser, Writer ~ practicing storytelling like Hendrix did guitar.

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

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