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Spoils of War

The First Casualty of War is the Mind

Image by Moonpieandsometea from Pixabay

The horror unseen,
No wish to be.
Rights relinquished, a spoil of war.

The priority;
The assertion of the male-dominant mind,
The lack of self-satisfaction,
The frustration of performance unachieved.
The thrill to take what is not his.

Her victimisation of feelings unearthed
Given excuse to be expressed,
The games of his undeveloped mind
Becoming his reality.

Vulgarity plays the leading role.

A feeling of insobriety
From head to stomach.
Egotistical yearnings,
Explosions in the groin.
The right is his “for this is war,”
The behaviour to be expected.

I believe they call this, “Collateral Damage”

With violence his prey to snatch,
Swooping in, executing the act
With only a soldier’s professionalism
As he delivers his relief.

A regression into ancient memories
Where morality loosely hung.
Is this what he was trained for?
To come so far, achieved so little.

His victim to receive humiliation, contempt
As she falls mercilessly into his role-play.
His aim, to reduce her into a worthless object,
Devoid of value,
To reduce her burnt-out soul to ashes.

He graciously delivers her degradation.
His filthy body
Brings forth the pungent smell of blood
To excite him all the more.
The sight of his rifle provides
Perverse stimulation
To take with him into battle,
The excitement of sexual conquest.

A crime to be forgotten. “Hard to verify.”
Disloyalty to the perpetrator not shown.
A friend, lifesaver,
Torment upon those saved.

Greater is the pain upon her tortured soul,
Her very being experienced pain just to satisfy
An uncontrolled, emotional, egotistical hunger.
A victim of vulgar demoralised acts.

Thank you for reading. J.

This piece was written in 1990. I have cleaned it up a bit. It rings true for all wars around the world, perpetrated on all sides played out within male dominant egos.

It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the desire to write
that thoughts acquire speed, the mind acquires words,
words become Poetry. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.
Frank Herbert and Me.

Thank you for your support and for giving my words a platform. Meg
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Writes free to read eclectic free verse poetry. "Everything in life is writable about" Sylvia Plath.