Resistance Poetry
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Resistance Poetry

Summer of Love

together let’s start with love flowers & art

Image via Pixabay Hans23016

Our story can start with healing love & summer

Instead of repeating tragic bummers

Information age there’s no mystery

Unwise to repeat shit history

Hope lives with unity

Upgrade & rebuild community

Find our passion

For compassion

Earth’s kindred spirits bears & fish

Share life & harmony as our wish

Elevate sunshiny friends

Helping loved ones comprehend

Confusion and poison lies cause doubt

T-shirts clearly spell it out

Shinola or Shit

Summarizes it

Uplift one another rising tide

Avoid racism and genocide

Keep it on the sunny side

Truth & knowledge is our power

Let’s scribe our legacy with love & flowers

Michele the Trainer 2021

Sunshines of our Ocean Planet, now is our time to unite others with protecting our ocean planet home. Get inspired. Join the conversation about global heating/climate change. I recommend the wealth of information in The GenZ Emergency by Dr. Reese Halter which is rich with science & solutions (including urban food forests!) for our improved future.



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