Thanks Trump …

as another lousy week ends abysmally,

as another respected man is sent out to lie

& cover for the boss with his ‘empty-barrel’ insult

& then his false indignant story turns up empty as he says

how dare she listen in when in fact she is a friend of the

family on the way to the coffin & Hannity declares her ‘a

national disgrace’ …

& so now it’s she who must defend & call out the liar

& oh how soon we forget that it was Trump who at the

CIA Memorial Wall in front of the stars for their dead used

this backdrop to pomp & preen & preach out the size of his inauguration

crowd & how many damn Time covers he’d graced & oh yes lets cast our

memories back to his denigration of McCain & POW’s & his arguing with a

Gold Star family & so his oh so respected Chief of Staff coming out to cover

for him might have gone a bit better if he’d had an actual man of decency

to stand up for …

& of course while all this was going on Sgt La David Johnson,

22 years old, was laid to rest & America argued & accused & back-talked &

this whole sorry chapter begun by our defensive, thin-skinned, egotistical

President who when asked about the four deaths in Niger had to turn around

and call out his predecessors … damn.

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