The Fashionably Fake People

Don’t get sucked in by the sweet talking charlatans

Reuben Salsa
Dec 10, 2019 · 3 min read
Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

Fashionista of a travelling furor / back in town / Adorned / Gleaming of style/ a thousand mouthpieces / Croc abides to no man/ nor woman / nor infant / He strides with purpose / offers tips to the unheralded / No throw-away codpieces for this spiky reptile / Brain as quicksilver / as charged / as nimble as a millennial / Big gun /smack talk / Crocked Croc leads the line / This cachaemic Croc / cooker of plot / stealer of cash pot / Bend to his will / and swoon at his feet / the foot rot / the hot to trot / the killer bot / Influence to lead / lead the influential / marked with authority / a shiny badge of blue / rigged majority / the handsome / the soothsaying / the usurper / the outlier he laughs grotesquely / towards the pack / the snivelling pack / the hounds that bray for blood / An audience of a thousand cheerleaders / urging and frothing / the fornicating fellows / the club of damnation / led to ever greater heights / of leaden ineptitude not slowing them down / and down / and down / he drowns in anger / The Croc-of-Style / the bespoke charmer / for the mini seminal masses / who’ll be up in arms / even as they rage / with limp dysfunctional daggers / obese rings of purity / They / after all / ARE the authority / the ringing endorsement / to the Croc-of-Styles trend / Avoid this sparkly behemoth / He bears no gifts / He offers platitudes /gossamer threads / to hang your shallow posts upon / to hang your shallow form upon / to hang you high and dry / The Croc-of-Style circus will soon be leaving town.

Stay away from the fakes. Who can you trust? There are people every where, scheming and plotting and waiting to make their mark. At whose expense? What are you willing to lose? Will the price be worth it?

And still you plod on. Onto another platform hoping this time it’ll be different. This time there’ll be no Prince from a faraway land who wants your investment. Who needs your love. Whose children lie sick and dying for the small price of a thousand dollars.

This time you know better. You can spot the scam. The schemers. You won’t be fooled again. But the game is being played at a furious pace and you can no longer tell when the game began or if it’s even ended.

Beware the crocked smile of the Croc-of-Style.

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

Reuben Salsa

Written by

Salsa is a fever dream. A whisper carried over the mountains. He’s an illusion. An idea that sways the masses. He’s spoiling for a fight. Don’t look too close.

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

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