The old white men

Trumpkin and other old white men (even the young ones are old white men)

Old white men sit in their chairs
In DC, in US cities, everywhere
Screaming bad policy decisions 
To any that will read/watch/listen

Petrified to lose what power
They have left at this late hour
Screaming “We know what’s best
Into the trash bin with the rest”

Wealth at all costs, ignore the debris
Wallow in the power it brings, the glee
The only things they will give away
Are stories of themselves in bygone days

These are the men controlling our lives
They decide who lives, who dies
Rules made to keep us locked in war
Morals forgotten, used no more

And these old men think they rule
Think they decide for me, for you
Omitting themselves from the laws
Leaving us to poverty’s sharp claws

To all of this I say: we must push forward

We must resist, we must not stop
Push for justice, while dying they flop
Push for truth, equality, life
Push for freedom, ending strife

Together we are strong enough
To change the world, to call their bluff
Together we ourselves empower
When we remove each trace, each glower

For knowledge, love, justice dear,
The rights belong to all — it is clear
Everyone living their own life
Everyone moving away from strife

The only way we move beyond
These old white men and their con
Is to throw them out of power
Do it now — wait not another hour