The Orange One & Stormy Get Jiggly With It or Great Lord Almighty Please Wipe my Mind Clean …

Well …

just to get in the mood

& such …

Our Supreme Leader

showed off a magazine cover

featuring … himself …

& with this brilliant opening

seductive gambit The Orange

One found himself all a flutter

& a tremble as he breathlessly

murmured like a 60 year old white

dude attempting some Barry

White banter …

“C’mere ..”

as unknown to him

the ever conscientious

Stormy ‘Wicked’ Daniels

mumbled to herself

“Uh … here we go.”

with more than a faint

trace of sincere disgust,

& of course …

as you can imagine

or maybe perhaps

are quite happy

not doing so …

it became a might messy & colorful

as several minutes into it

a faint coating of orange

dust settled over the room

after Our Supreme Leader

had oh so gently lowered

his monogrammed luxury

sweat pants & oh so breathlessly

compared the captivating Stormy

to his own young

& so, so beautiful


& meanwhile as Donald’s

four month old son lay

sleeping in his golden

carriage and presumably

Melania took a hard-earned nap,

amorous Donald & Stormy

bunnied away like rabbits,

well, almost …

Because “textbook generic …”

is how she would describe it

to the assembled press who

unwilling or rather

sincerely preferring

to know as little

as humanly possible

about this hotel tryst

saluted Stormy for her

going beyond the call

of duty & hastily left the

room for a quick shower

& a double Old Crow bourbon.

“I actually don’t

even know why

I did it …”

she later said,

that makes two of us

Sweetheart …

I’m almost at a loss

here too,

& yet $130,000

may well come in

handy though,

there’s always that,

isn’t there.

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