The Sound of the Muffled Trump-ette

I am a loud, nasty, and brassy Trump-ette
Blowing Taps for the T of the LGBT
Oh, hey, there’s no money for thee
You want to transition I see
Is it a girl or a boy you want to be?
Is that why you join up with me?

Left Face
Right Face!
About face,
You just turn around and go home
Forward, march!
It’s Backward march
Where our leader wants to go

“Be all you can Be,” he says
But not who you want to be
That would disrupt the ranks
Trans girls driving tanks?
Behind the turret, a girl or a guy? 
This will make the generals cry
Makes my mascara run

No Transgender in the Military
No girls who are hairy
No boys named Sherry
With them in here we cannot win
All this makes my head spin

One thing for certain and now take heed
When bullets hit their mark
bombs explode in the dark
For our freedom, they all will bleed….

Patsy, 2017

This poem is strictly satire and sarcasm against Donald Trump-ette!

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