The Un-united State of Sideways

Down’s been redacted
reappointed — reapplied

The lowest level located
where Up used to lie

Once and Always
have been moved to a point

well beyond Reasonable, now
lawyers are running the joint

unmitigated and rife
with ignorance and gall

made of men’s so called minds
not so bigly but quite small

The new Up that was Down
is more Sideways than not

more on its ear than 
anywhere previously thought

What Was becomes Now
what fun that’ll be

hope you like procreating
while hanging from trees

The new On will be Off
getting there should be fun

capricious and mean
Was then we should have run

New Truth is now False
one giant lie to swallow all

The Un-united State of Sideways
divided before the fall.

S Lynn Knight, 2017
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