The Voice of Time

Our mortality and vulnerability have caught up with us.

Doug Vidlas
Sep 23 · 1 min read
Photo by Gregory Culmer on Unsplash

When we press a seashell to our ears, we hear the wise ancient voices,
plus sounds of a restless sea and the creatures dwelling there within.
These were implanted there long ago, before man began to interfere.

Luckily humanity arrived on this planet with a wee bit of intelligence.
We can choose to use this knowledge to serve us and the world well,
or else we can try to explain our many shortcomings in a short poem.

Nowadays, man is sorry for taking up so much food, air, and carbon.
Nobody ever realized that we would lavish so much upon ourselves;
under cataclysmic duress, everyone could confess this transgression.

Our souls that were once set afire by a blue moon with its affect wan,
now reveal a terse epitaph to warn any who still remain unconvinced:
Mankind’s custodianship on this living spaceship is too little, too late.

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

Doug Vidlas

Written by

Word slinger and sometimes poet. Ex stand-up. Polyglot. Technologist. Non-conformist who experiments a lot.

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

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