There truly is something obscene … there really is.

About him standing there all

oh yes by golly look at my earnest

feeling expression as I tell this lie

upon another lie & then turn the whole

fucken thing around to myself once again

by claiming “I’m the only one who does this”

& pontificating & then backtracking when he

realizes he’s gone too far in his beyond petty

attempt to one more time knock the black

foreign Marxist who came before him.

There is truly something obscene about this

injured hustler who couldn’t quite make the grade

for Vietnam & then who called out McCain & then

on top of that gem managed to insult & put down a Gold

Star family too …

Oh but wait … they were Muslim were they not.

Sweet Jesus this man turns mourning into a “Oh look

at me now!’ …

Good God I hate him so.

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