Photo by emilyatcabin via Pixabay

To Chief of Staff John Kelly - 10/19/17

I am sorry for your loss.
I am sorry for all the loved ones lost, 
and frustrated that words can’t alleviate pain,
not even a bit, when we mourn the soldier’s passing.

Politics should find no comfort
in this dreadful place. Those in pain
and those who care, deserve so much more. 
Yet, as you made this sentiment clear,
you also could not rise above.
Mixed with your words of decency and
illuminating what those protected rarely glimpse 
or understand of those who serve, 
were words that served only your master.
Political words that at their essence prove
how easy it is to forget the cost
of following blindly for following’s sake.

You refused to expect ‘the new unexpected’
which has dirtied us all from the man you serve.
You expected him to filter reason from your lips
through his selfish, stunted heart 
and have it survive his addled mind, unscathed.
To believe he wouldn’t inflict more pain
on a country he’s happy to crush,
makes you short-sighted at best.
None of us of sound mind expect more of him
than we’ve seen him give.
Not that he can comfort the bereaved.
His empathy is mangled in self-serving thoughts
and cut short by the bully’s need to inflict.

To have not been more forceful 
in your objection to the calls, 
was a disservice to many, and
although what he does is not your fault,
to insult those in pain with your defense of him
adds more insult to injuries that may never heal.
You know as well as any of us
that we all need the space to salve our pain 
and try to heal in our own ways. 
Heed your own advice and 
hold your politics back from this too.