Transitioning: Using I Statements

Mind Blowing Mirror Photography

Am I still using that same mirror?
The one that says how pretty I should be,
after how long on HRT
That looking glass,
that tells me I can’t Pass

I find myself bothered
By what it says to me,
Oh honey, you look like a he
That insensitive reflection,
with critical inflection

So, I would prefer,
to not hear your opinion,
how my eyebrows cover my antinion
Or, how my clothes just don’t fit right
by your opposite line of sight

I feel so much better,
when I turn my back to you,
to skew my point of view
Then I can’t tell what you are seeing
and now, I can truly assess my being

I do appreciate you my dear reflection
Your desire to help me improve,
has caused me to make a move
Well, I’ll be back when I want your advice,
But for now, how I feel inside, it will suffice….

Patsy, 2017

Hello all my fellow resisters writers and readers. Really wanted to share this one. I also published it on Red Rose which is my publication to store my writings. I love this Publication and read from a group of the most creative writers that I am humbled to share such creativity with. Love you all, and you are all so Fabulous!

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