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Trump Sings “American Woman”

Melania & Donald Trump with Georgina Chapman & Harvey Weinstein. Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Inspired by The Guess Who’s American Woman (Play it, sing it)

American woman, stay away from Donny
American woman, he’s another Harvey
Wants to get you behind closed doors
Entitled to partake in what is yours
Vulgar on his mind from your neck down
Ego thinks you’ll gladly drop your gown
Now woman, if you are #MeToo
American woman, yes, we are #WithYou-oo-oo-oo

American woman, faux celebrities
American woman, lover wannabes
Most men respect and will protect you
Not this member of the depraved few
Thinks his power play will hypnotize
Only sees the world through perverse eyes
Now woman, you know to get away
American woman, he will pay some day-ay-ay-ay

“I like massages”, Harvey’s fav’rite tune
“Furniture shopping”, Donald hopes you’ll swoon 
Trump admits to Billy Bush ‘bout sex abuse
“Locker room” his lame attempt to fake the news
Trump distracts from fraud-n-sex with talks of war
Weinstein doesn’t have a place to hide no more
Power plays can hypnotize
Sparkle just like POTUS lies
Now woman, get away from Donny
American woman, he’s another Harvey

Go, gotta get away, gotta get away now go, go, go
He’ll try an’ charm you woman
But gonna harm you woman
He’ll try, don’t buy, his lie, bye-bye
You’re not safe with him
He’s no good for you
Gonna look at you right in the eye
Tell you what he’s gonna do
Intentions on his sleeve
He don’t respect a “No!”
You know you gotta leave
You know you gotta go, woman
He’s a danger, woman
Be safe, American woman
Unite, American woman

©2017 HHThorpe

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