Unfasten your seat belt

Denise Pereira
Sep 12, 2019 · 2 min read
Pink sparkly sand at Elafonisi beach (by Denise Pereira)

Wake up. Wash your face. Eat your bun. Drink your coffee.
Brush your teeth. Rush to work. Impress your boss. Meet the deadline.
Rock that call. Skip lunch. Stay long hours. Drag yourself home.
Keep a smile on your face. Do some sports. Read some book.
Cook your meals. Shower. Meditate. Fall asleep.
And after that, repeat.
Press play, and loop.

Now, take a deep breath.
Let’s re-loop. Lets press pause.
Yes, press pause. You can do it.

Making things happen,
Can make one disappear.
You spin so fast, you become bodiless.
While you are on the move,
You become deaf to your own voice.
That deep voice, which speaks without words.
The one which elongates your body through infinity.
We get easily distracted from ourselves,
While singing the productivity mantra.
The song becomes so loud,
echoing inside of us,
that it leaves no space for any hopes or dreams,
or for the silent cries of our body,
When it has reached its limit.

Sadness is exhaustion.
Be it emotional, physical, or both.
Your body breaks so that you can find yourself.
Why would your legs keep moving if they forgot the route?
We should be so over it.

Be kind to yourself.
Enjoy self-care.
Stay in a bed as much as you want for a day.
Feel the rough bark of the trees with your bare hands.
Walk barefoot on the sand. Walk on tiptoes.
Dance wildly and freely so that you can name each and every muscle of yours.
Eat slowly, so that all flavours refract on your tongue, like the colours of the rainbow.|
Stay one with your breath, until you forget your name.

All these achievements will only be possible if you take care of yourself.
You spark brighter when you are whole.

Take a deep breathe. Let’s go back into the loop,
But when you press play again,
don’t forget to occasionally rewind, and to often press pause.

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

Denise Pereira

Written by

Poetry performer, who believes that words have the magical power to transform, heal and connect.

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

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