Trump on Trump

Ungrateful Puerto Rico

While weekending at my Jersey golf course
I hit San Juan’s mayor with hurricane force
’Cause our good news story she wouldn’t endorse
My politically-incorrect tweeted discourse
Flowed from the anatomical source 
Most use for pooping, whether human or horse
Sure I lack empathy and I’m a bit coarse
But you’re old or you cross me, expect a divorce

Now the honorable Governor Ricardo Rossello
I had his support, for a while, this fine fellow
But the reason I chose to ignore his help plea
Is he sided with the NFL and took a knee
But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sing with me ..

Don’t cry for me, Puerto Rico
The truth is, your loss is my gain
Played paper towel hoops
Showed off my jump shot
Russia distraction
The main attraction

This remix from responses to some of my favorite Medium satirsits (Allan Ishac and Steven Rouach). TrumPooning Tune “Don’t cry for me, Puerto Rico” based on Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber Lyrics: Tim Rice)

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