Resistance Poetry
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Resistance Poetry


Painting by Jimmy Engineer

Children starving in the streets
desperation on every face staring down into phones
tripping over their own self-satisfaction.
I don’t know what’s going down, do you?
I know it’s not really me,
so what is really going down, do you see?
I want what you want, a new world for you and me
but what is really going down, I can’t see.
It’s black and white, Muslim and Christian
we are all together, do we see?
I am unity, I am one, I am color, I am state, I am nation
what are we? What are we meant to be?
What ARE we meant to be?
A race of one? No, Allah made many,
is it possible the many was to be one?
One people, a multiplicity of love
walking the road up the mountain together,
hearts beating as one, hands locked together
feet marching to the tune of peace
that only the true believers understand.



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Sheryl Martin

Sheryl Martin

It is suffering that shoots streams of creativity out of my heart, and the brokenness of life that explodes my heart into its soul.