Wait, What?

Wikimedia Commons

What sort of a world do we live in, 
where a leader says that…

Half the population for half the day
Is the best way to keep them safe

Climate change
Is a hoax and that voluntary
Agreements are binding and expensive

A religion
Should give up it’s symbols because
The majority are from another faith

Drug-users is an act of benevolence
And human rights don’t matter

Are celibate and pure, and cows are pure
So why is the cow not the national animal?

Dumbfounded, I sit, thinking — 
How did we get to the stage where
The word politician seems synonymous
With dumb, senseless verbal vomit?
Where we read the news and cannot know
If it is a satire or the sad reality?

*Peacock is the national bird of India
I have linked the news stories for these unbelievable words, because, frankly, if someone had told me this, I would have assumed it was a joke.