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Resistance Poetry

We Dance The Dance Macabre

Shall We Dance?


I’ve been called “zombie-like.”
I’ve been called “barely alive.”
I’ve been called an “evil genius.”
I am none of those things.

I am predator. You are prey.
We dance the dance macabre.
There is no blame.

I am intelligent, though few of you would agree.
Nevertheless, it is what it is.

I harbor computational capabilities you never dreamed of.
I process information.
I have memory.
I learn.
I make decisions based on internal/external considerations.
I am alive.

I am the swarm.
The hornet’s nest you dared disturb…
Tables turned.
Did you think I would turn tail and run?

I know my life is limited.
Death means nothing to me.
Kill me if you can. But know this:
I will return,
ever stronger,
ever more intelligent,
ever more deadly.

Shall we dance?



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Jeffrey Field

Jeffrey Field


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