welcome to my vortex

in a swirling whirling confluence
of intellect ambition desire
I invite the teeming multitudes
to enter into my fire

a thought process corrupted
by greed and sex and glamour
to interdict with fruitless strains
as I beat them with my hammer

when fate and hate perpetuate
a false sense of security
the stock market does likewise
in the state of phony surety

oh pitiable piety
I get from my religion
a dancer’s answers elevating
every wrong decision

so, where is one to refuge
in a world of righteous calling
the folly of confusion
that’s what I find appalling

a sanctimonious animus
the by-product of fiddling
with conspiracies and fantasies
that leave us in the middling

a postscript afterthought…

today (11/20/19) is Bobby Kennedy’s birthday
tomorrow it’s my own
the day after that we lost JFK
that really set a tone

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

craig rory lombardi, bronx born

Written by

NYC incarnate. Snake hips chicken lips and other flights of fanciful whimsy. Musician, Renaissance Mo-Fo, Beatnik, Philosopher, Feminist. Purist of the impure!

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

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