What we don’t need

Image by pixabay user GDJ

A president who talks about how large the crowds are 
When he goes to “see” the hurricane damage
Damage he only seemed to care about for what it brings him

A first lady who doesn’t understand that what she does,
What she wears is much less important to the rest of us
Than the promises she will never keep about online bullies

A vice president who says it was fine for his state
To remove people from the voter rolls in error
Never checking to see if the registrations were fraud

An attorney general who doesn’t care if his boss
Breaks the law, but instead goes after people
Who his “religion” thinks break his bible beliefs

A party so afraid to lose power that they condone
Law breaking, discrimination, people dying
Those little people don’t keep the party going

What we do need? A legal team who can make a difference
Heavy hitting researchers, reporters who believe in facts
And a people who support truth, peace, love

Inspired by Terijo’s piece, Need, its responses, and US politics

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