“Who’s going to pay for the wall?”

Interruption of intelligence inherent in impressively incoherent interview. (Image Variety.com)

Trump abuses circular arguments in Oval Office interview

The government will be shut down
The Mexicans want it, they’re brown
My wall will keep them out, if funded
They’re bad, some good — maybe a hundred
Mexico’s leaders say they won’t pay
So Congress must save me, er, pave the way
They just don’t know it yet, but they will
If they don’t, told them, send me the bill
You know I’m very .. 10 billion dollars .. rich
Not for the cost, no the bill from Mitch
No bailout, a short-term loan from Congress
Who .. Ryan .. McConnell .. not Pocahontas
Definitely no Indian, or I’d close her casino
I’d deport her if she’d only claimed Latino
In history, believe me, Indians don’t persist
Well the Matterhorn, Chief (garbled) was pissed
The loser, General Cluster, ass kicked, no clue
So I invented the phrase — “what a Cluster screw?”
I’d have won, my base knows, so tired of winning
Morals? Evangelicals don’t care about sinning
Unless you’re talking crooked Hillary’s email
Except for weak AG Sessions, she should be in jail
Electoral maps, Russian witchhunts, they all agree
Mexico’s still going to pay for the wall, believe me!

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