Witnesses with Pre-existing Conditions

It’s Not a Trial

Samantha Lazar
Jan 14 · 2 min read
Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

Call on me.
I am willing to testify.
I will tell the truth.
If subpoena comes my way, I’ll talk.

I will rise from the grave and say what I got to say.
I will come forward from the future in my time machine to speak my mind (again) to remind you of what I am about to tell (already told) you.
But you’ll have to pay the big bucks if you want to know how it all turns out. You’ll have to really give me the biggest plea deal you have ever seen or heard about to get me to spill the beans about the consequences of your decisions.

You’ll want to give me a ring, I am a key witness, I saw on TV.
It will not take torture to open my mouth.
All you gotta do is ask the right questions.

Aren’t you just a little bit curious?
Knowledge is power, so they say, and I know sweet power is your opiate.
I will fill in the blanks. Who knew what when?

If you let me speak — remove my gag,
We can just put this whole thing to bed.
In fact, you might be able to actually sleep.
Go ahead and try to intimidate me by the old,
“You show them mine, I’ll show them yours.”
I do not really care who knows what I did when I did it.

Because this is a trial.
A trial needs witnesses.
No favors. No bribes. No pre-existing conditions.
No cutting out my tongue.

They say truth will set you free.
I say my truth is gonna lock you up.

© Samantha Lazar 2020

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